Street Style: Soho

Soho is a sartorial hub; culturally vibrant and experimental, which made it the perfect location to begin primary trend research in the form of street style analysis.

There were several points that were highlighted in this ‘cool-hunting’ exercise, in relation to what contemporary fashion innovators and early adopters are wearing and in what combinations:

  1. Faux fur
  2. Eclectic mixes/unconventionality
  3. Bold, statement pieces
  4. Nostalgic inferences
  5. Non-labels
  6. ‘Ugly’ as fashion
  7. Oversized everything
  8. Muted neutrals/pastels
  9. Graphics

It is interesting to compile these photographs on an evidence wall, where it clearly drew attention to the commonalities and recurring themes.

Evidence wall

Conde Nast College

Some words that come to mind in relation to the evidence wall that we collated as a class are:

  • Nostalgic Chaos
  • Trashy Clashes
  • Future Traditions
  • Ugly Future

where different eras are clashing, contrasting and complementing each other to form an innovative twist on the past. There are questions surrounding whether there are a few exact eras that people are taking inspiration from, or whether it is less restrictive.

My next step will be to analyse specific PESTEL factors to support the trends witnessed on the street.



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