Bjork Digital: Reinforcing PHYGITAL

Conventionality is not exactly a natural feat for cultural icon Björk; and her latest venture transcends any of her previous endeavours. The Björk Digital exhibition at Somerset House provides an interactive immersion into the Icelandic trailblazer’s creative mind, using cutting-edge virtual reality (VR) technology to present her Vulnicura album.



At Somerset House

Photo: Bex Todd

This sensory tour was a part of the Culture Trail undertaken during our Induction Week.

The exhibition is an acknowledgement to the fact that in 2016, technology is an omnipresent force; an inescapable element of contemporary life. From this year’s Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute exhibition Manus x Machina, the mutually exclusive relationship between fashion and technology was made evidently clear. Björk undoubtedly understands the interminable nature of innovation, as illustrated in a virtual Q&A taken at Somerset House in August:

“The story is me moaning, for a whole album. I wanted to get different points of view and different director and a different technology, because there’s a big difference between 360 and VR, and they have different technology and craft, but also a different entry point emotionally. This is all an experimentation.”


Instagram: @bjork

This exhibition supports the PHYGITAL trend introduced in Chrissy Hilton-Gee’s presentation. The prominence and effect of technological advancements is a theme that I am developing in my research as it seems to be an extremely relevant feature in the lives of Millenials and Generation Z.





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