Chrissy Hilton Gee, Trend Researcher

The talk given by Chrissy Hilton Gee, a trend researcher for Trendstop, was very useful in reinforcing the introduction to this subject.


Trendstop, October 2016

The main points from her talk were:

  • TREND = The general direction which something is developing or changing
    • Find movements and inconsistencies
    • Identify patterns
  • It is about what the consumer wants, not what the researcher may be interested in
  • Diffusion of Innovation Theory
    • Focus on the Innovators & Early Adopters for analysis of emerging trends

She gave a preview of two AW’17 trends that Trendstop had investigated. The first one, Generation PHYGITAL really stood out to me as a prominent movement, based around:

  • The growing influence of digital natives/Generation Z
    • By 2020, will be 40% of all consumers
  • The blurring of the physical and digital worlds
  • Impact on retail:
    • Consumers want functionality and a voice

She sampled Keiichi Matsuda’s HYPERREALITY which provocatively portrayed the merging of the physical and digital realities.


The video is depicting an extremised scenario where the two realities have merged to the point of identity crisis and there is a total personalisation of the world as an immersive experience. This highlights very pertinent themes in our digital age; it depicts an inundation of images and a high saturation of technology in the imminent future.

It opens up the scope for understanding the target consumer and is definitely an area I am interested to explore in my trend research.

The video can be viewed here.





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